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We buy and sell antique pool cues & billiard cues. Antique Brunswick models: With hand spliced points & butterfly points in reverse patterns Antique Brunswick #36 billiard cue, Antique Brunswick #360 pool cue, Antique Brunswick #204 billiard cue, Antique Brunswick #261/2 pool cue, Antique Brunswick #28 billiard cue, Antique Brunswick Merry Widow pool cue, Antique Brunswick #20 billiard cue, Antique Brunswick Hub pool cue, Antique Brunswick #30 billiard cue Spliced, Antique Brunswick 210 Hexagonal butt pool cue, Antique Brunswick #27 Chinese carved butt billiard cue, Antique Brunswick #220 Fish pole style pool cue. Other US makers include: The Albert Pick pool cues, Rieper Manufacturing billiard cues. Antique European billiard cues include: Antique French marquetry billiard cues with inlays of gold, silver, ivory, fruit woods, with ebony background woods, Also Antique Henin Aine billiard cues, Antique J. Adorjan billiard cues. Antique German billiard cues: The B. Finck Co billiard cues. Please call for more information.

Antique Brunswick Billiard Pool Cues Rieper Albert Pick French Marquetry Cues B Finck Henin Aine J Adorjan Gold Silver Ivory Ebony Fruit Woods Hand Spliced Reversed Thriple Butterfly Points #36 #360 #204 #261/2 #28 Merry Widow #20 Hub Cue #30 Hand Spliced #210 Hexagonal Butt #27 Chinese Carved Butt Cues #220 Fishpole Brunswick 360 Brunswick 36 Rieper Carved Butt Cues Albert Pick Inlaid Billiard Cues B Finck Company Germany French Marquetry Cues Marquetry Queue Billard Cue Billiard Queues German B Finck Ivory Marquetry Billiard Cue Gold Marquetry Billiard Cue Silver Marquetry Billiard Cue Ebony Billiard Cue Ivory Inlaid Billiard Cue Pool Cues Pool Cue Reverse Splicing Butterfly Points

Antique French Marquetry Billiard Cues International Collector Cues Show ICCS

Antique World's Pool Champion 1909 Chas "Cowboy" Weston's Presentation #360 billiard Cue & Case - Worlds Pool Champion - 1909 - From: Brunswick Balke Collender Company. Rare worlds pool champion presentation cue surfaces after 103 years. This is indeed a rare find for the serious billiard cue collector. This antique Brunswick Balke Collender Co manufactured early #360 cue features hand spliced butterflies and points throughout - two shafts with wooden dowel pins - ebony & ivory everywhere. The MOP inset reads: Presented To Chas "Cowboy" Weston - Worlds Pool Champion April 1909 - From Brunswick Balke Collender Company. This cue is in amazing condition after 103 years - Both shafts are true. Provenace: We recently purchased this cue from Mrs. Jack Grismer. This cue was given to Jerome Grismer (His Father) By Chas "Cowboy" Weston in the 30s. Jerome was a pool shooting friend of Chas "Cowboy" Weston. Once in a lifetime American History Billiard Cue - Quality Investment. Please call for more information on this antique One Of A Kind Presentation Cue. Chas "Cowboy" Weston was known to dress in full cowboy gear when playing pool.
Chas Cowboy Weston World Champion 1909 Presentation Billiard Cue

Worlds Pool Champion 1909 #360 Billiard Cue

World Pool Champion 1909 Presentation cue Chas Cowboy Weston

World Pool Champion Chas Cowboy Weston 1909 #360 Billiard CueWorlds Pool Champion 1909 Chas Cowboy Weston

Maker of pool cues from approximately 1915 to 1967 in Chicago, Illinois. 
Born in Chicago in 1880, named the Titlist, became the basis for nearly every Rambow cue made until his death in 1967. Titlist blank exhibited ivory joints with black collars, and joint screws (mostly aluminum or steel) that protruded from the shaft and screwed into the butt. Brass was Herman´s material of choice for the joint and screw. However, brass was in limited supply as a result of the second World War. It is not known how many of these original Titlist/Rambow cues were produced, but only a few remain in existence today.
As brass became more widely available, Herman used it for joint screws. He also reconfigured the joint to a piloted mechanism in which the screw protruded from the butt section and screwed into a brass receiver machined into the shaft.
Keefe & Hamer was a very busy place. In the final years of Rambow´s career,
Today, cues by Herman Rambow are rare and sought after by collectors.

Herman Rambo Custom

Billiard Cue, Made for

Thomas J. Grode in 1967.

Signed: Made By Rambo

with the owners name and initials panographed into

both the butt and shaft. Mr Grode purchased this cue directly from Keefe & Hamer Co. Chicago, Ill 60602 in 1967, the year Herman Rambo died. We do have the original sales receipt with this cue. Shaft measures 29", Butt

measures 29" with the joint pin and 28 3/4" without. Ferrule is about 11.9 mm. Combined length 57.75. Brass joint, ivory ferrule, ivory or bone butt cap, linen wrap. Shaft is 3.2oz, butt weight is 15.25oz. Combined weight is 18.45oz. This has to be one of the last cues Herman Rambo made with the original receipt. Rare find. Please

call for better pictures and more information.

Herman Rambo Pool Cue Rare Billiard Cues Antique pool Cues Antique Brunswick Pool Cues Antique French Marquetry Billiard CuesHerman Rambo Billiard Cue Herman Rambo Pool Cue Antique Pool Cues Antique Billiard Cues Antique French Marquetry Billiard Cues Antique German B Finck Billiard Cues Antique Reiper Billiard CuesOld Herman Rambo Billiard Cue 1967 With Original Sales Slip Antique Pool Cues Antique Billiard Cues Antique Brunswick Pool Cues Antique Brunswick Billiard CuesAntique Billiard Cues Herman Rambo Signed Cue With Original Receipt Antique Brunswick Billiard Cues Antique Pool Cues
Antique Ebony & Ivory Billiard Cue, Custom Conversion. 22ounce, 60" long. Matching joint protectors with Indian Head Pennies. Nice shooting cue. Please call for more pictures and information.
Antique Pool Cues Billiard CuesAntique Pool Cues Collector CuesAntique Billiard Cues Pool Cues
Antique Billiard Cues Of All Kinds. Antique French Marquetry billiard cues, Antique German marquetry billiard cues, Antique UK marquetry billiard cues, Antique B. Finck German spliced billiard cues, Antique Brunswick #36 pool cue, Antique Brunswick #360 billiard cue, Antique Brunswick #34 pool cue, Antique Brunswick #26 1/2 billiard cue, Antique Brunswick double butterfly pool cue, Antique Brunswick triple butterfly billiard cue, Antique Brunswick #210 Hexagonal pool cues, Antique Brunswick Model #220 Fish Pole billiard cues,  Antique Brunswick Hub pool cue, Antique Brunswick Merry Widow billiard cue, Antique Brunswick Model #30 pool cue, Antique Albert Pick billiard cue, Antique Reiper pool cues and many more. Serious buyers may call for price quotes. Antique Pool Cues Antique Billiard Cues Classic Cues Brunswick B Finck Antique Marquetry Cues Brunswick Fish Pole Brunswick 210 Hexagonal Brunswick 26 1/2 Antique Pool Tables Antique Billiard TablesAntique Pool Cues Antique Billiard Cues Classic Cues Brunswick No 31 Brunswick Merry Widow Brunswick Vulcanite Brunswick Hub  Brunswick Model 20 Brunswick 26 1/2 Brunswick 36 Brunswick 360 Brunswick 204 French Marquetry Cues German Marquetry Cues Antique Pool Tables Antique Billiard Tables






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