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Antique Pool Tables


Antique J.M. Brunswick & Balke Pool Table – The Monarch

J.M. Brunswick & Balke - The Monarch, 1880's, 4' x 8', deep true mahogany with California laurel, burl ash, French walnut, birdseye maple, rosewood, ebony, mahogany and tulip woods inlays. Cast iron full-body lion base with gold leaf.


Antique French Marquetry Billiard Table

  Late 18th Century French billiard table.  It is 5' x 10', rosewood with exquisite marquetry.  The legs are cast iron with gold leaf.  This table features cast pockets that open for ball retrieval.  Formerly owned by Princess Doria Pamphili, [...]


Antique Emanuel Brunswick Pool Table

Emanuel Brunswick 9' Pocket Billiard Table c1870s. This table features a Brazilian rosewood background with exquisite inlays in birds-eye maple and rosewood finished in a French polish. Emanuel Brunswick was known for inlaying his initials into the center side plaques on his tables as pictured. This table has a 4 piece Vermont slate bed - with the early double keyhole and pin cast iron locking system that holds the cabinet sides to the legs. Please call for more information.


Antique Kaiser Wilhelm Billiard Table and Cue Cabinet

Achtung! This magnificent baroque billiard table and cue-stick cabinet are believed to have been owned by Kaiser Wilhelm. The side panels of this 7-foot billiard table are dominated by the profile of Kaiser Wilhelm. Prussia’s crowded imperial eagle is carved [...]


Antique Brunswick-Balke-Collender Cabinet No. 1 Pool Table

Brunswick-Balke-Collender  Cabinet No. 1, circa 1890's, 4' x 8', Carved Quarter-Sawn Oak  The Cabinet No. 1 Table represents a dramatic change in table design and presents features of extraordinary novelty.  The bed of the table rests on two cabinets.  The [...]

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