Maker of pool cues from approximately 1915 to 1967 in Chicago, Illinois. 
Born in Chicago in 1880, named the Titlist, became the basis for nearly every Rambow cue made until his death in 1967. Titlist blank exhibited ivory joints with black collars, and joint screws (mostly aluminum or steel) that protruded from the shaft and screwed into the butt. Brass was Herman´s material of choice for the joint and screw. However, brass was in limited supply as a result of the second World War. It is not known how many of these original Titlist/Rambow cues were produced, but only a few remain in existence today.
As brass became more widely available, Herman used it for joint screws. He also reconfigured the joint to a piloted mechanism in which the screw protruded from the butt section and screwed into a brass receiver machined into the shaft.
Keefe & Hamer was a very busy place. In the final years of Rambow´s career,
Today, cues by Herman Rambow are rare and sought after by collectors.
Herman Rambow Custom Billiard Cue made for Thomas J. Grode in 1967. Signed: Made by Rambow with the owners name and initials panographed into both the butt and shaft. Mr Grode purchased this cue directly from Keefe & Hamer Co Chicago in 1967, the year Herman Rambow died. This has to be one of the last cues Herman Rambow made with the original receipt and patina. Sold. Please call on others we may have.