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Antique Ivory Poker Chips Old West Saloon c1880s

Antique ivory  poker chips old west saloon c1880s. Chip sizes: 1 7/8" to 1 5/8"  hand scrimshawed on both sides. Priced according to detail, size of chip and color. Prices $125.00 to $300.00 per chip. (Item 210 Acc Section) and (Item 201 Pool Balls Section)


Antique Ivory Old West Saloon Poker Chips c1880s

Antique Set Ivory Old West Saloon Poker Chips. #300 Victorian Hand Scrimshaw Full Size Poker Chips Circa 1880, Antique Gaming Gambling Description Approx. 300 total, late 19th Century, to include 180 chips mark "K" on both sides, 106 $5 chips with "K" verso, 14 $25 chips with "K" verso, 1 9/16" dia.  WANTED!! We also purchase antique ivory poker chips.  (Item 200)


Antique French Ivory Game Ball Set c1880s

Antique French ivory game ball set c1880s. (Loreau Manufacture, Paris) This set comes with it's original box. Ball size: 1.9". (Item 45)


Antique Ivory Billiard Balls And Cue Balls c1880s

Antique ivory billiard balls and cue balls c1880s. Sizes: 2 1/8" to 2 3/8". (Item 44)