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Looking for antique pool balls to go with your prized antique billiard table? We’ve got you. Established in 1992 and serving billiard enthusiasts online since 1997, we have a history of restoring antique billiard tables and accessories using the highest-grade materials for the purpose.

Among our sprawling collection are antique ivory ball sets in wooden cases and a slide-out rack that accompanies them. You can buy them in the standard 52 mm size. Among our most prized items for sale are the Brunswick Zanzibar ivory pool ball set, the clay poker ball set, antique clay zigzag pool ball set, and clear high-grade ivory billiard ball sets.

Antique Ivory Old West Saloon Poker Chips c1880s

Antique Set Ivory Old West Saloon Poker Chips. #300 Victorian Hand Scrimshaw Full Size Poker Chips Circa 1880, Antique Gaming Gambling Description Approx. 300 total, late 19th Century, to include 180 chips mark "K" on both sides, 106 $5 chips with "K" verso, 14 $25 chips with "K" verso, 1 9/16" dia.  WANTED!! We also purchase antique ivory poker chips.  (Item 200)

Antique French Ivory Game Ball Set c1880s

Antique French ivory game ball set c1880s. (Loreau Manufacture, Paris) This set comes with it's original box. Ball size: 1.9". (Item 45)

Antique Ivory Billiard Balls And Cue Balls c1880s

Antique ivory billiard balls and cue balls c1880s. Sizes: 2 1/8" to 2 3/8". (Item 44)

Antique Ivory Snooker Ball Set With Original Wooden Case

Antique ivory snooker ball set with original wooden case and slide out rack personally owned by British Snooker Champion - Rex Williams. Excellent condition. Size: Standard 52 mm. (Item 43)

Antique Brunswick Zanzibar Ivory Pool Ball Set

Antique Brunswick ivory double stripe pool ball set with original wooden box. c1880s. This set features a star pattern surround with scrimshaw numbers and surface dyed colors. Size: 2 1/8". Private party stated these were their great grandfathers and were from "The Republican Club", 2725 Pine St, St Louis, Missouri and some of the famous people who played with them were Teddy Roosevelt, President, William McKinley, President, Jep. D Howe (Jeptha D Howe , Chairman of the Republican Committee in St Louis), Warren Fairbanks, Vice President, Judge Jay Cor Walsh, Judge Lyonberger. (Item 42) (Sold to DD). WANTED!! Antique ivory [...]

Antique Clay Poker Pool Ball Set With Box.

Antique clay poker pool ball set with box. Size: 2 1/4". Condition Near mint. (Item 41)

Antique Clay Zig Zag Pool Ball Set

Antique clay zig zag pool ball set - 2 1/4". Hard to find in this condition. (Item #40)

Antique Clay Burt Double Stripe Billiard Balls

Antique clay Burt double stripe pool balls, c1880's. Star pattern surround, hand scrimshaw numbers with surface dyed colors. Size 2 1/4". (Item 39)

Antique Zanzibar Ivory Burt Pool Ball Set

Antique Zanzibar Ivory Burt Double Stripe Pool Ball Set. Nice clean ivory pool ball set with hand scrimshaw numbers  and surface dyed colors. Size 2 inch. Very Rare! Sold.  Please call on others we may have. (Item 1)

Antique Brunswick Balke Collender Ivory Billiard Ball Set

Antique Brunswick Balke Collender Ivory Billiard Ball Set.  Original Box, c1880's. Size: 2 3/8". Nice clean set. (Item 38)