Kaiser Wilhelm Antique Billiard Table and Cue Cabinet

/Kaiser Wilhelm Antique Billiard Table and Cue Cabinet
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Project Description


This magnificent baroque billiard table and cue-stick cabinet are believed to have been owned by Kaiser Wilhelm. The side panels of this 7-foot billiard table are dominated by the profile of Kaiser Wilhelm. Prussia’s crowded imperial eagle is carved on the ends of the table, with lavish floral designs throughout. A craftsman’s inscription, “Louis Schulz, Berlin,” is found on the nickel-plated scorekeepers on the rail tops. The underlying playing surface is marble, the choice of the time.

The 9-foot tall, 24-cue cabinet displays the Kaiser’s crown and initials at the top. Both the cabinet and the table feature original patina and gold leaf. The baroque walnut carving represents the refined and elaborate craftsmanship characteristic to the latter part of the 19th century.

Kaiser Wilhelm Billiard Table, OD –  56”W x 96”L

Kaiser Wilhelm #24 Billiard Cue Cabinet, OD – 44”W x 108”H

Both Billiard pieces feature deep lavish walnut baroque carvings throughout

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