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Antique Billiard Tables & Accessories has a large selection of antique Brunswick pool cues, French marquetry billiard cues, and German B. Finck spliced cues.  Brunswick made some of their finest cues prior to c.1915, including the Brunswick #360 fancy reverse-spliced two-piece cue, and the #26 1/2 titlist points wedge cue.  The French marquetry billiard cues were made by old-world craftsmen, taking hundreds of hours to create a single cue by inlaying marquetry images and designs into them.  Many of these cues were made for royalty, dating to before the 1850’s.  The German B. Finck Company also made a complete line of antique hand-spliced billiard cues dating to c.1839.

You should experience the pride and satisfaction of having one of these old Brunswick cues in hand, made from Brazilian rosewood, ebony, and ivory.  A few of our prized pool cues include a Brunswick #360 awarded by Brunswick to the 1909 World Pool Champion, Chas “Cowboy” Weston, and a Harvey Martin one-of-a-kind ivory-handle pool cue, both of which are listed for sale on this site.

Antique Harvey Martin Ivory Handle Pool Cue

Antique Harvey Martin ivory handle pool cue. This one of a kind two piece cue features a four point ebony butt, ivory and ebony handle made from ten turned down billiard balls, two piece ivory joint, ivory ferrule and original case. According to the Blue Book of Pool Cues second addition there are only eight known examples with ivory handles. 57 1/4". (Item 53)

Antique Brunswick Ebony Splice Wedge Cue

Antique Brunswick ebony spliced wedge cue signed Harry W. Leroy Lake. This two piece cue features an ebony butt, two sets of triple spliced butterflys, four sets of triple spliced points in reverse, ivory butt cap, MOP inset wedge surrounded by colored veneers, Eisenmeister wrap, double ivory joint, ebony shaft with ivory ferrule. 57 1/2". (Item 52)

Antique Brunswick Signed Cue

Antique Brunswick signed E E Lampson billiard cue, c1915. This two piece cue features a 4 point Brazilian rosewood butt, MOP inset wedge surrounded by colored veneers, ivory butt cap, ivory joint, ivory ferrule.  57 1/2". (Item 51)

Antique Brazilian Rosewood Spliced Cue

Antique Brazilian rosewood spliced billiard cue, c1900. This one piece, 4 point cue features 8 colored sets of oval triple splices, ivory and rosewood butt cap, ivory ferrule.  56 3/4". (Item 50).

Antique Triple Butterfly Splice Cue

Antique triple butterfly spliced billiard cue, c1915. This one piece cue features three sets of colored staggered hand spliced points & butterfly's, MOP inset wedge surrounded by colored veneers, ivory butt cap, ivory ferrule.  58". (Item 49)